Apache JSecurity/Ki Project Rename - VOTE RESULT

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Apache JSecurity/Ki Project Rename - VOTE RESULT

Les Hazlewood-2
Apache JSecurity/Ki and extended Apache Community,

The final results are in for the Apache JSecurity/Ki project rename vote.  Here are the results:

Apache Shiro: 16 votes
Apache Aseca: 7 votes

The new name by majority vote is "Apache Shiro".  'Shiro' (Japanese character 城), means 'castle' in Japanese, and is an appropriate name for an application security framework.

Please look for further mails related to project migration (Jira, mailing lists, etc) that will be based on the new name.

Finally, I'd like to offer a big "Thank You" to all who participated in this process.  From initial name suggestions to intermediate votes to final vote - the entire process was driven and concluded by the entire Apache community.  Thanks to everyone for your help.


Les Hazlewood
"Apache Shiro" project member