Attributes are set to null in Apache ShiroSession

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Attributes are set to null in Apache ShiroSession

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I am using Apache shiro session in scala-play application. I am storing sessions in Cassandra. Everything worked fine for me but recently when I pushed new commits to production server, I observed that when I set some attribute using session.setAttribute(key, value) and then try to retrieve same attribute with session.getAttribute(key) I receive null value.

I am storing sessions in cassandra with help of:

I have not changed anything related to session in my code. I am not sure how to debug or fix this? If I revert back to earlier build, everything still works fine. Can someone please suggest what to do here?

NOTE: I am using scala 2.10.5, Java 7, Play 2.3.9 and Apache Shiro 1.2.2, Cassandra 2.1.14. These values are same for earlier build(which works correctly) as well.