Blank page after authentication

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Blank page after authentication

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I have created a Shiro Realm to use with x509 certs based on

The "protected X509AuthenticationInfo doGetX509AuthenticationInfo(X509AuthenticationToken token)" method is executed, validates my user and seems to execute the return X509AuthenticationInfo.

However, after that, the page stays blank! It is not redirected anywhere. If I use instead "anon", or the basic authentication, then I get to my page. What can be happening?

x509Realm = com.flowersforyou.shiro.myRealm
securityManager.realms = $x509Realm

x509 = org.apache.shiro.web.filter.authc.X509AuthenticationFilter

/** = x509
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Re: Blank page after authentication

I cant find api for X509AuthenticationFilter .. but check if you can do this in shiro ini

x509.successUrl = /someLoggedInUrl