For Katasoft Apache Shiro support customers

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For Katasoft Apache Shiro support customers

Les Hazlewood
Please forgive this post to the user list, but it was the easiest way
for me to update Shiro support customers at the moment (I won't repeat
this in the future.  Also my employment is specifically what allows me
to spend time on Shiro, so I hope most Shiro users wouldn't mind this
minor infraction).

I just want to make a quick announcement to any of our Apache Shiro
support customers that Katasoft has rebranded to Stormpath. Sorry if
this causes any confusion. I didn’t want you to think we had
disappeared - quite the opposite. We have been busy launching private
beta for Stormpath last week, and just went public with our funding
and commercial support business. If you signed up for the private
beta, we will be rolling out the invites soon.

Here’s a blog post for the curious:

Again, this is a one time announcement.  I'll be digging back in Shiro
code asap...


Les Hazlewood
CTO, Stormpath | | 888.391.5282
twitter: @lhazlewood |
stormpath blog: