Shiro with Weblogic User/Password

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Shiro with Weblogic User/Password


im pretty new to Shiro and work on my first "Shiro App" :) Im Using JEE 7
with CDI, Vaadin and the Applicationserver Weblogic.

All ist fine, now i want to get the Users/PW stored in my Applicationserver
to authenticate myself in the app.

I found now documentation how  i could to that... could someone gives me a
hint how i have to configuer my shiro.ini to use User/PW of the

kind regards!

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Re: Shiro with Weblogic User/Password

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You have to write a class which implements org.apache.shiro.realm.Realm or
extends one of the existing Realms in that package and add it to your Shiro

Inside your custom Realm you would have to lookup user credentials stored in
your Weblogic server and create an AuthenticationToken for the specific user
trying to login in.

This part is very special to Weblogic and probably differs completely from
any other application server. I have not worked with Weblogic servers for
many years now, so I cannot point you in the right direction there, but
maybe someone else can pitch in here?

It is an AuthenticationInfo, not an AuthenticationToken - my bad.

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